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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

 School Council

 Your School Council Members

Year 8 Representatives

Matthew Serplus
Faith Martin

Year 9 Representatives

Ross Johnston
Abigail Pierce

Year 10 Representatives
Josh Scott
Jack McCrory

Year 11 Representatives

Daniel Garrett
Abbie Magowan

Year 12 Representatives
Peter Lennon

Year 13 Representatives

Joshua McAllister
Jasmine Kerr
Executive Council
Harry Burbidge
Andrew Walker
Joshua Robinson
Grace Horner
Erin McCluggage
Jack Close

If any pupil(s) have any suggestions about issues they would like discussed at council you can either:
1. Speak to your year representatives
2. Post your suggestion in the box in the library
3. e-mail to kdoyle608@c2kni.net


Article 1: Sixth Form Executive Council:

• This will be a body to run the school council
• This council will be made up of:
1. 3-4 representatives from Upper sixth chosen by the Senior Management team (SMT) by process of application
2. The Head Boy and Head Girl (other members of the senior prefect team may attend when necessary)
3. Two representatives from Lower Sixth who will be elected in the same manner as the other years (refer to article 3)
• It will:
1. Get information to the pupils about any school council related information
2. Set up elections for each year group in mid-October of each year (refer to Article 3) the council should promote a culture of campaign in the run up to the elections
3. Chair the meetings and record the discussions of the Junior and Senior councils (refer to Article 2)
4. Bring the ideas of the Junior and senior council to the executive council for review and then to SMT
5. Represent the pupils of Upper and Lower Sixth bringing any ideas from sixth form to SMT

Article 2: The Junior and Senior Council:

• This will be a body to represent the pupils from year 1 to 5
• The representatives for each year will be elected (refer to Article 3)
• The Junior council will be made up of representatives from 1st – 3rd year
• The Senior council will be made up of representatives from 4th and 5th year
• Each council will meet at least once a term and will be chaired by one of the members of the executive council (from Article 1 Clause 2 Subsection 1 of the sixth form executive council)
• Ideas will be taken from these meetings and then brought to the executive council and then to SMT
• Any member of the Junior and Senior council may be removed by a 2/3 majority vote of the executive council or an agreement by SMT, a by-election will follow

Article 3: Elections

• Elections will take place in mid-October of each year
• Two representatives from each year group (1st – 5th year) will be elected
• Each year will vote for a girl and a boy from their own year, each pupil will have one vote for a girl and one vote for a boy (if no candidates come forward from one gender two candidates may be elected from the other gender, in this case each pupil gets two votes for that gender)
• The victor in each election will be the candidate with the most votes