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Mon 1 May
-May Day Holiday

Fri 19 May
-School Development Day (no pupils to attend)

w/c Mon 22 May
-School Exams

Mon 29 May
-May Bank Holiday

 Personal and Social Education Programme


Key Stage 3 PSE Programme

  • Health & the Whole Person

  • Feelings & Emotions

  • Managing Influences & Making decisions

  • Self Concept

  • Managing Change

  • Morals, Values & Beliefs

  • Learning about Learning Safety & Managing Risk

  • Relationships & Sexuality

  • Drugs Awareness

  • ONUS 4 week course – Domestic Violence and Abuse – building resilience

Key Stage 4 PSE Programme

  • Develop an understanding of how to maximise and sustain their own health and well-being

  • Develop an understanding of relationships and sexuality and the responsibilities of healthy & appropriate relationships

  • Recognise, assess and manage risk in a range of real life contexts

  • Reflect on and respond to their developing concept of health including managing emotions and reactions to on-going life experiences

  • Develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of parenting

  • Develop further their competence as discerning consumers in preparation for independent living


Key Stage 5 PSE Programme

  • The media and young people

  • Relationships

  • Emotional & Mental Health

  • Personal Finance

  • Employability

  • Healthy Choices