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Mon 26 Feb
- School Development Day
(no pupils to attend)

Mon 26 Feb
- Year 11 Parent/Teacher Meetings
11.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Mon 26 Feb
- Year 10 Parent/Teacher Meetings
1.30 – 3.40 pm on Monday 26 February followed by talk on subject choices in the Sixth Form Study at 3.45 pm.
Politics Trip to Stormont/City Hall

On 14 November Year 13 Politics students visited Stormont and Belfast City Hall. Our guide led us around the building and we met MLAs from different political parties and put them to the test by asking about the work they do as MLAs, party policies, views on issues and the current situation at Stormont. It was incredibly interesting to watch the party members interact with each other whilst discussing areas of disagreement and contentious issues. In the NI Assembly Chamber we held our own mini debate on whether the voting age should be lowered to 16. We voted on the issue and the artificial law was successfully passed, with students filing through the Yes and No lobbies just like the MLAs do. After speaking to the Clerk of the Justice Committee, who provided us with lots of useful insights into the workings of committees, we sat in on the RHI inquiry and watched as the infamous investigation unfolded. Following our visit to Stormont we made our way to an even older centre of power, Belfast City Hall. We were guided around all sections of this magnificent building and learnt of the functions and purposes of the rooms and halls and how the Belfast City Council uses them. The day gave us a fascinating insight into the way politics work in Northern Ireland. Conor Brines Year 13