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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

Extreme Physics 2016

Congratulations to Year 11 pupils Ethan McConkey, Holly McCleave, Patrick Johnston and Amy McKeown who won the Extreme Physics 2016 competition held in Rugby School. This is the second successive year a team from Belfast High School has won this prestigious event. The event involved a series of Physics-based challenges including a treasure hunt, building a one minute timer and creating a model planetary system to demonstrate the discovery of exoplanets. Professor Peter Watkins (CERN) gave a lecture about the discovery of the Higgs boson which the pupils described as “mind boggling” and David Wilkinson gave a very interesting lecture about the use of Tasers which was followed by a challenge involving Tasers. The highlight was a trip to Airkix in Milton Keynes to participate in wind tunnel skydiving and rock climbing. The final challenge was giving a presentation about the life and work of Max Planck. The team’s presentation was of a very high standard and concluded with a song written by Ethan and Patrick accompanied by their ukuleles!