Wholeschool Portal | Home 18 June 2018



w/c Mon 21 May
- School Exams

Mon 18 June
- Year 13 Return to School

Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

Newly Elected Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies

Head Girl (centre left): Emma Heron, Head Boy (centre right): Matthew Kingston 



"Hello, Emma and Matthew here!

Earlier this year, we had the honour of being selected as Belfast High School’s Head Boy and Girl for 2013-14. We are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent our school in this way and hope that the six years we have already spent here, at Belfast High School, will have given us experiences to help us give back to a place that has given us so much over the years. We are very grateful to the rest of the Senior Prefect Team who have given us much support and encouragement over the past few weeks and months. We hope to work with them to carry out all our duties and responsibilities to the best of our abilities over the next year. So far our time in our roles has been very busy, with a lot of responsibility, but also very rewarding. Some of our duties and tasks include overseeing prefect rotas within school, organising the end of year formal and forming a new School Council. If you ever have any questions or want to talk to us, you know who we are!"

Deputies (l-r): Anna Smyth, Emily Macartney, Chloe Carlin, Jonathan Morgan, Robbie Reid and Scott Shaw