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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)

 E Safety
Why is ‘Internet Safety’ important?

The internet can be a valuable and fun resource for entertainment, making friends and the potential for learning is huge. However, if you use the internet, you could be at risk of illegal activity or abuse – be it bullying, fraud or something more serious. Unlike seeing someone face to face, on the internet, people are not always what they seem at first.

In the same way you learn about safety when you leave the house, it is important you know how to minimise risks online. We hope these skills will remain with you for life.

Some Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

1. Do not give out any personal information e.g. phone number, address etc.
2. Do not open any messages from people you do not know.
3. Do not become friends with someone you do not know.
4. Never arrange to meet someone who you have only met online. Not everyone you meet online is who they say they are!
5. If something you have read or seen online causes you concern talk about it with a responsible adult who will advise you how to deal with it.
6. Think very carefully before posting any pictures of yourself online. The picture will no longer be in your control and it can be downloaded, screenshot etc.
7. Do not post images of other people without their consent. You might think posting a funny picture will cause no harm but it might cause someone real distress and hurt their feelings.
8. Do not share your password with other people.
9. Keep your privacy settings as high as possible.
10. Think carefully before making any posts online. Respect other people's views. Even if you don't agree with what they say, you do not need to be rude.

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