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Fri 29 June
- Last day of term (12.00 pm finish)




Head of Department:

Mrs C Macpherson, BSc PGCE


Teaching Staff:

Mrs E Hood, BSc PGCE
Mrs M McFarland, BSc MSc PGCE
Mrs E. Edwards, BSc, PGCE
Mrs L, McVeigh, BSc PGCE 




Key Stage 3:

At Key Stage 3 a range of strategies is used to help pupils learn about scientific processes and challenge their current thinking in order to build new models and understanding. Topics covered include Introduction to Biology, Cells, Microscope, Flowering Plant, Living Things, Variation, Keys and Ecology.


Key Stage 4:

At Key Stage 4 pupils follow either the CCEA Double Award or Triple Award specification. Pupils are encouraged to build on their previous learning, applying it to real life situations and further develop their practical skills.


Key Stage 5:

At Key Stage 5 the CCEA AS and A2 courses further encourage pupils to become competent and interested Biologists who will be practical, analytical and capable investigators of the Biological World.

Facilities and Resources


Three laboratories and a small seminar room. All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, audio systems and modern biology laboratory tools. Great practical equipment that allows genetic fingerprinting to be carried out and investigated. Educational visits from members of Industry and Education to allow students to understand the context of their course.

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